South Perth School of Early Learning

The Uniting Church of Como - dilapidated and disused since 2015 - was briefed for re-habitation by a 126 place School of Early Learning. The existing buildings were converted into carefully considered learning environments and granted a dose of much needed attention to resurrect and re-programme the voluminous spaces within. An addition of a freestanding Pavilion to the rear of the site created a matrix of indoor and outdoor zones; curated to allow all age groups to intermingle and promote social interaction and growth.

Landscapes, the focal point for nature play and outdoor fun permeate every corner of the site; with line of sight from each activity area endorsing nature play and passive surveillance. A once dry and dusty site now breathes lush green planting - a sustainable oasis of fun and play with production gardens, expansive timber decking and even a chicken coop!

The site is intra-connected via a series of meticulously designed steel framed walkways. The walkways serve as wayfinding devices between zones, generating shade and weather protection to cater for four seasons in the harsh Western Australian environment. 
Architect: Godden Projects 
Builder: Pindan Projects
December 2019